City Tour

Step into the past and scoop out an ancient civilization. Start with the Late Preclassic Period in the Mayan timeline, flip through the Spanish Colonial period in which the town was founded and go over the brutal Civil War of El Salvador that ended only 27 years ago.

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Cinquera Hike + Waterfalls

Hike the "Guerrilla Trail" with an Ex-Fighter of the FMLN rebel forces in Cinquera, stronghold of Guerrilla Resistance in the 1980's where bullet damage still can be seen. Explore the country's 2nd largest nature reserve, its winding hiking trails, lush landscape and waterfall. Massacred, bombed and demolished Cinquera Town is small in size but vast in history.

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Lake Boat Trip + Birdwatching

Scenic/birding boat trip on lake Suchitlan: the "Lake of Flowers".

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Canoe Tour + Birdwatching

You know the saying "Early bird gets the worm"? Let's get up early and hop on a canoe through the Quezalapa ("River of Quetzals" in mayan) Delta where it meets with Suchitlan Lake and hundreds of different colorful birds love to have breakfast.

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Hike + Waterfall + BBQ

The Cinquera Civil War tour + BBQ + War Museum + Iguana Farm.

It's a full day of War History with Don Rafa the war hero of Cinquera.

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Nationwide Custom Tours

Planing on visiting El Salvador? Say no more. Creating beautiful itineraries is what we do best. Whether you're looking for time-traveling on our Mayan Archaeological Route, going Big-Game Fishing, catching Barrel Waves, hiking all our 22 Volcanoes, enjoying the best of our local Gastronomy, discovering our famous Flower's Route (Ruta de las Flores), Rock Climbing, a chill Beach trip or any mix of whatever you have in your adventurous mind, we will set you up.

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Suchitoto Eco Tours

Don't just see Suchitoto. Make it better.

Responsible travelling is what we do. Suchitoto is an amazing place, but it's far from perfect.

When you travel with us, you're supporting non-government organizations that advocate gender equity, violence prevention, public education, human rights and social development projects in the Municipality of Suchitoto.

Some of the organizations we support with our tours are:


Our commitment to exceptional service ensures that, no matter what the inquiry, a helpful and knowledgeable staff member is always on hand to assist you whenever the need arises.